Please print out application, complete and scan/email to or USPS to: 722 Greenfield Mountain Farm

     Afton, Va. 22920

Visit our Facebook page for current fundraising projects to help support the sanctuary.  If you're interested in helping and/or donating an item to be used for fundraising, please contact us.All monetary donations are Greatly Appreciated! 

Ranger’s Refuge Sanctuary at Gallastar Equine Center is a 501c3 nonprofit sanctuary.

To donate through PayPal, our address is  

Animals receive vaccinations and deworming upon arrival. All animals, except female goats and horses, are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.   We provide each adopter with records for all/any procedures done for their new family & the adoption fee is whatever the sum of the services we've provided to date for that animal.  Click here to view adoptable sanctuary friends:




But what would we most yearn for if we were locked away in dark little pens and stalls and ignored or shouted at, and treated like garbage?  I, for one, would yearn to be seen, feeling that if others only saw me, they would try to help.

~ Mathew Sculley ~



Ranger's Refuge at Gallastar

A small donation of $25 per month will help cover the costs of an animal's feed and care while at the sanctuary. Giving up a weekly trip to Starbucks for a month would make a world of difference to a sanctuary pig. If you would like to open your heart to a special sanctuary animal, you can make donations to PayPal address We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration & support!