At Ranger's Refuge at Gallastar, we're a 501c3 nonprofit sanctuary, dedicated to caring for over 100 discarded pet pigs as well as other animals in need. Many animals call Gallastar home, including dogs, cats, chickens, goats, donkeys and horses. These animals were abandoned, abused, strays, surrendered by their family, or seized by animal control before they came into our care. Here at Ranger’s Refuge, they are home where they belong unless an approved adopter is willing and able to adopt them permanently. 

Gallastar's programs are held weekly throughout the year for children aged 6 through 15. Hands-on mounted and unmounted skills at basic, intermediate, and advanced horsemanship levels take the place of traditional, office-based therapy. Hiking, swimming, and fishing in nearby Shenandoah National Park offer even more opportunities for interaction and growth. Children's emotional needs are specifically addressed as they receive the satisfaction of learning skills that facilitate confidence and responsiblity. After each session, the child and parents meet with the therapists to strengthen the connections between experiences at Gallastar and at home and school.

About Our Sanctuary

In the past...

Unfortunately, the sanctuary has been terrorized by a rogue bear. This bear has taken the life of one of our beloved pigs and returns on a regular basis. We are taking necessary measures to protect the animals that depend on us, but we need to reach out for a helping hand. Our goal is to buy and build a total of 10 barns to house the animals closer to the Center where we can keep a watchful eye to protect them with electric fencing surrounding the pastures. They are currently in insufficient shelters that will not protect them from the harsh winter rains and snow. We need those barns! Here’s a blog by our organization’s president Lorelei Pulliam at 

What We Offer